TETRA Smartphone Solutions

Crystal TETRA Edition provides unprecedented levels of functionality, usability, flexibility and integration for the Public Safety and Mission Critical Communications sectors. By leveraging hybrid technology and mixing 3G/LTE network communications with TETRA; Crystal Code delivers Order management, Customizable Workflows, GIS/Maps, Mobile/Central Dispatching, Digital Documents, Digital Blueprints, Messaging, Navigation, Photos and Videos, Alarm Functionality and a Generic Integration Interface for interfacing with any backend system.

The following modules are available regardless if they are used in a TETRA-only solution or if they are used in a hybrid solution utilizing both TETRA and 3G/LTE:

Order Management

With the order management module the organization has a detailed overview of all orders/incidents/assignments/errands. Quick and easy information entry as well as thorough follow up reporting are the corner stones of this module.

Unified Messaging

The possibility to communicate via short written notes is a convenient and time saving feature. With the Unified Messaging module it is possible to communicate over SDS, SMS and e-mail.


The correct utilization of resources is a key objective in order to be able to execute all missions in a timely manner.


Voice and visual guidance makes sure that the units take the shortest route to and from incidents.

Mobile Cloud Services

ith our mobile cloud services no server is needed for your mobile solution. All data is stored in our cloud of mobile servers. With cloud computing you get benefits such as unlimited scalability, redundancy and high security.

Digital Forms

Digital forms is perfect if you need to gather data from your mobile personnel. It can be anything from set-up of new customers in a customer database, digital self-checking, error reporting, etc.
With digital forms, you can also sketch out drawings and send photos taken with the mobile device or images photographed with an SLR.

Mobile Digital Signature

With a digital signature a customer or a recipient can sign an agreement directly on your mobile device. The signature is stored electronically and is sent to the mobile server for archiving. With a digital signature, the whole procedure for ordering and delivery is digital.

Mobile Integration

Crystal Code's mobile integration talks with all systems. Everything works, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Agresso are examples of three systems that work perfectly with our integration. It is also possible to aggregate information from several independent sources.
Benefits of having a dedicated mobile integration is the ability to perform efficient synchronization and manage the properties of the cellular network when you do not always have access for the Internet.

Mobile payment solutions

It is possible to both take orders by phone and immediately send them for back office. What would be even easier would be to charge the customer's card immediately. This is possible on most mobile devices, some devices have built-in card reader and some need a card reader that communicates with Bluetooth or infrared.

Mobile Scheduling

Calendar Features on the phone can be very advanced if linking them with business systems and with central data that is controlled from a communication center. Imagine the possibility of central planning of client meetings for a large mobile sales force. Route Optimized and ready.


Accurate and up to date information on the location of all units is vital for several functions in the solution. The Positioning module constantly feeds geolocation to the other modules in the Crystal TETRA Edition and is a prequisite for the navigation, alarm and map functionality.

Mobile Process Monitoring

In the manufacturing sector or in other industries, it is important to monitor all stages of the process. With a mobile monitoring system it is possible for process controllers to immediately carry out their own checks and report errors. The system ensures that errors will be immediately recorded and made available for the right people as soon as possible so that they can take action.

Mobile Security Solutions

Mobile solutions for personnel in the security business. Positioning of all personell who work. Ability to call in reinforcements with GPS position.
Report and record. Link center has an overview of the entire workforce and it is possible for them prioritize and route.

Mobile sensors

Easily distribute orders to your mobile work force with ease.
A hot topic right now is mobile sensors. Digital scales, metal detectors, voltage meters, light meters, sound meters and thermometers are just some examples of sensors that can be attached to a mobile device . Efforts of mobile workers become both accelerated and quality assured. The chance for someone writing a digit error disappears while the measurements are lightning quick to perform. With GPS positioning measurements can also include a GPS position.

Mobile Time Report

With mobile time reporting mobile staff performs time reporting directly of your mobile. Time reporting is done quickly and easily and the risk that important details are forgotten decreases as time reporting can be done immediately instead of waiting to be returned to office. It is also possible to integrate with GPS to verify that the personnel were in the right place.

Mobile Alarm

The possibility to raise a distress signal is often a vital factor of survival and greatly reduces the stress for personnell operating in hazardous environments.

Digital Documents

Having blueprints and incident action plans readily available in a user friendly digital format is a great benefit compared to hauling paper.


A complete overview of all units with call sign and information makes it easy to collaborate in the field.

Mixed Mode TETRA/3G/LTE modules

Communications are handled by a proprietary module that prioritizes, encrypts and compresses data. The module also determines if data should be sent via TETRA or 3G/LTE. The priority functionality guarantees that the most urgent data is delivered first, less urgent data always has to stand back in order for urgent messages to be handled swiftly. The encryption shields for eaves dropping and the compression effectively ensures optimal utilization of bandwidth.

Mobile Multimedia

Providing true multimedia capabilities including image capture, video capture and sound recording greatly increases the quality of information available to dispatchers.

Mobile Line Of Business / ERP

If you choose to transfer all your information for your mobile you can easily access customer records, orders and requests.
It is also possible to send out reports and aggregate information like stock prices and exchange rates. With the right information in the cell phone is easier to make the right decision.

Push to Talk over mobile network

With Push to Talk over cellular data it is possible to shut down existing expensive radio networks. The technique works best where communication is not life critical as there are still a few places where there are no mobile coverage. Where the coverage is good, however, the technology work very well.