About Crystal Code

Crystal Code was founded in 2001 (under another name) originally focusing on web site development. The main business during the last couple of years has been development of iOS Apps. Crystal Code has during these years always been one of the leading iOS development companys in Sweden with several successful projects in the iTunes AppStore. In 2010 Crystal Code decided to expand the business and brought in private equity to finance the expansion. Apart from extra capital for growth the private equity investors are guiding the company through a successful expansion phase and contribute with a solid experience from the application development business.

To fuel the expansion Crystal Code recruited a large number of mobile system developers from a company working with customized mobile extensions; the extentions was for Line Of Business applications (such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, etc.). The experience from developing complex mobile LOB (Line of Business) solutions with several thousands of simultaneous users (500 - 4000) adds a systems development dimension to Crystal Code that is not very common among other App development companys in Sweden. Mobile solutions aimed for the corporate LOB market places great demands on competence both during the design- and the development phase. It is crucial that mobile LOB-applications are user friendly, performance optimized, small footprint, can operate with large volumes of data, can operate in an offline environment and make up for a cost effective solution with regards to change requests and reported issues during the maintenance phase.

Company Info

Legal name: Crystal Code AB
VAT Nr: SE556822803401


Phone: +46 8 55 118 990
Fax: +46 8 55 118 994